Miga found us as if there was a magnet in her just like the magnets in our knife boards. She appeared in our driveway one sunny day in the Spring of 2012 and immediately became a part of our family. She didn't hesitate to make herself at home and, in fact, master of our little castle. She needed us and we needed her. Phil had just went through major surgery for cancer and Miga became a friend, an "amiga," to us both. She brought comfort and unconditional love. She got her name from the Spanish word for friend: amiga. 

After retirement Phil and I decided to start this business of making knife racks, and it occurred to me that they were like "kitchen friends." Miga has been a silent partner in our lives for years and so it was only natural that she become the silent partner in our new business venture. We love the thought of her likeness traveling around the world on our knife racks and we think she likes that idea, too. 

Hoping your Miga brings you as much joy as ours has brought Phil and me. 

- Annie Olson, Owner + Artist

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A few years ago we bought a set of pretty good kitchen knives, not the absolute best, but much better than what we'd been using. They came with a wood block - you've seen them - that took up a lot of room on our counter. So we talked about getting a magnetic rack. We bought a moderately priced one and tried it out, but the magnets were pitifully weak, so we returned it. Saw one for about $130, but I refused to pay that much. So as a workshop tinkerer, I decided I could make one. I bought a few neodymium magnets and a piece of oak, figured out how to machine pockets in the wood to have the magnets very close to the surface of the wood, and ended up with a very nice model. We mounted it on the wall and it's been in use ever since.

I loved my rack so much I wanted to share it. You will find my product better than any other competitive rack on the market, regardless of price. Especially attractive for many people is that my rack will magnetically attach to the side of your refrigerator without any fasteners whatsoever. You can also attach the rack to marble or ceramic tile walls without drilling.

Try it, you'll like it!

- Phil Olson, Owner + Creator

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